State Premier Hybrid Electric Water Heater Review

The State Premier Hybrid Electric Water Heater model EPX-80DHPT is a heat pump water heater, which is a tremendously efficient way to heat domestic hot water. The heat pump takes heat from the air in the room, and like a refrigerator running in reverse, pumps the heat from the air in the room into the water. Since heat is only being transferred, and not being made, there is much lower energy consumption.

The State Premier Hybrid Electric Water Heater model EPX-80DHPT has two ways of heating water built into it. The heat pump uses a reverse refrigeration process pulling room air through the evaporator coil drawing heat from the air in the room then sends the R-134a refrigerant into a coil surrounding the tank of the water to dissipate the heat from the refrigerant into the water in the tank heating it for your domestic hot water use. This process only uses a compressor which draws 850-watts to operate. Since heat is not being made but is only being transferred the process has an energy factor of 2.3 and a coefficient of performance of 3.1. The State EPX-80DHPT also has two resistance heating elements for providing heat when the heat pump cannot operate because of improper ambient temperatures or, a large amount of water is drawn and additional capacity is required. The upper element is a 4500-watt incoloy element and the lower element is a 200-watt incoloy element. Incoloy is a metal, which has proven resistance to corrosion and should prove to be a ling lasting element.

The State Premier Hybrid Electric Water Heater model EPX-80DHPT has three operating modes for the user to choose from. The Efficiency Mode is the most efficient and utilizes only the heat pump for heating the water in the tank. If the ambient air temperature goes outside of the efficient operating range for the heat pump the unit will switch over to heating with the resistance heating elements to provide your hot water needs. The Hybrid Mode will utilize both the heat pump and resistance elements to make hot water and the usage of each will be determined by the unit to provide the highest economy while meeting the demand for domestic hot water. The Electric Mode is the least efficient mode of operation and in this mode the water heater operates like a standard water heater with the resistance elements providing all the heating.

The State Premier Hybrid Electric Water Heater model EPX-80DHPT was a user-friendly LCD display where temperature, operating mode, status, and error messages are displayed with back-lighted buttons underneath where the user can select operating modes, temperatures and also a vacation setting where you can preset the dates of your vacation and the unit will only heat to prevent freeze damage yet turn back on and come up to temperature one day before you return from your vacation. The State EPX-80DHPT has an 80-gallon tank with a factory installed T&P valve, brass drain valve, 2” non-CFC foam insulation, and a powered anode rod to provide corrosion protection. The EPX-80DHPT is 81½” high and 25½” wide weighing in at 410 lbs. The EPX-80DHPT provides a first hour delivery of 70 gallons in efficiency mode with an EF of 2.3, 84 gallons in hybrid mode with an EF of 2.3, and 76 gallons in electric mode with an EF of .85. The State EPX-80DHPT because it cools the ambient air passing through it also will generate condensate from cooling the air and provides dehumidification so it requires a drain for condensate. Maintenance is simple with only the evaporator air filter requiring cleaning similar to cleaning the filter on a room air conditioner. The EPX-80DHPT requires a minimum of 1,000 cu ft of air space for sufficient air volume for operation in the heat pump mode.

The State Premier Hybrid Electric Water Heater model EPX-80DHPT is among some of the most efficient water heaters available and according to State Water Heaters can save the average family about $360 per year on their water heating energy costs. This translates to a savings of about $4200 over the expected 12-year service life of the State EPX-80DHPT. Because of this great savings potential the Federal Government offers an Income Tax Credit of 30% of the cost to purchase and install a heat pump water heater up to a maximum of $1500. Also many states and utility companies are offering rebates and other incentives, which can greatly offset the cost of purchase and installation starting your payback much sooner.

The State Premier Hybrid Electric Water Heater model EPX-80DHPT is provided by State Water Heaters with a 10-Year Warranty.

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