Simple Green D Pro 3 and Simple Green D Pro 5 Review

Simple Green D Pro 3 and Simple Green D are amazing cleaners that really work. As a plumber I can attest that some of the jobs particularly drain cleaning and drain repiping are probably some of the dirtiest jobs that will ever be performed inside a home. You can only imagine what kinds of things can be found inside of a drainpipe. In addition to the bacteria, pathogens and other nasty organisms, and waste, there is frequently a black sludge that is almost like a soft oozing mud or, a buildup of cooking grease. We take all kinds of precautions for ourselves as well as the property we are working on to keep clean preventing exposure to the “drain goop.” We use tarps, protective mats, drain cleaning machines with enclosed drums in our efforts to keep the work area clean, but, even with all those precautions it is an impossible task. For instance when snaking a main sewer line we use a 100’ long snake. The best way to describe this snake is as a 100’ long tightly wound hollow coiled spring. As we snake the clogged drain line the snake is under water in the clogged drain and the snake’s hollow section fills with this water, which is definitely not clean water by any means, and it becomes coated with the sludge and grease in the drain. As the cutter blade on the snake works its way through the line it hits a variety of obstructions and sometimes stops turning momentarily. When this happens the machine continues to spin applying torque to the spring cable. All of a sudden the cutter breaks through the obstruction and spins wildly as the wound up 100’ long spring unwinds. When the spring unwinds the stuff flies, there is no stopping it. “It’s gonna get ugly!”

Simple Green D Pro 3 and Simple Green D Pro 5Fortunately Sunshine Makers Inc. makes a pair of miracle cleaners that easily handle the mess. Simple Green D Pro 3 and Simple Green D Pro 5 easily wash away the black sludge that sprayed outward from most surfaces.  In a few short minutes of clean up with a spray bottle of Simple Green D and a couple of cotton rags the “Please Don’t Look” scene of the crime can be transformed into “Wow, It Doesn’t Even Look Like You Were Here.” Simple Green D works so well in fact that I had one customer yell at me to stop cleaning up after snaking a particularly ugly kitchen sink line. He was an elderly widower and his kitchen cleaning since losing his wife hadn’t been up to par and I was making a clean spot in the kitchen that was going to have him cleaning the rest of the kitchen.

Simple Green D is available in two formulations. Both work equally well at cleaning the visible mess up with mix ratios determined by the severity of the mess. The invisible mess is where Simple Green D Pro 3 and Simple Green D Pro 5 excel. Both cleaners are powerful hospital grade disinfectants that effectively kill a long list of bacteria and viruses. Simple Green D Pro 3 has a herbal pine scent, green color, and is listed for general use killing Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Herpes, HIV-1, Influenza, and even the H1N1 strain of flu among others on the list. Simple Green D Pro 5 differs from the Pro 3 formula in that it has no color or dyes added making it USDA Approved for use in food processing and animal facilities where it kills E-Coli, Salmonella, Avian Flu, Canine Distemper and a long list of other bacteria and viruses.

Your cleaning needs may not be as severe as mine but the use of Simple Green is wide ranging and its effectiveness for a task is controlled by the dilution rate which ranges from wetting a surface with water and applying the Simple Green full strength for heavy degreasing to a 150:1 mix for cleaning windows and it excels at almost any cleaning task. Dilutions as low as 1:64 provide disinfection in some cases. When being used for disinfection follow the label directions for dilution and the amount of time the area needs to be wet for disinfection to take place.

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