Peerless Pinnacle High Efficiency Modulating Condensing Gas Fired Boiler Review

Peerless Pinnacle Gas The Peerless Pinnacle High Efficiency Modulating Condensing Gas Fired Boiler is available in five residential sizes that modulate from 18 to 199 MBH input and a commercial unit that modulates from 100 to 399 MBH input that have efficiencies of 95.1% AFUE. The high efficiencies of the Peerless Pinnacle Modulating Condensing Gas Boilers makes them eligible to carry the Energy Star seal which makes them eligible for a $1500 Income Tax Credit. The Peerless Pinnacle Series is also eligible for a Rebate of up to $200 from the Appliance Stimulus Program and Grants of up to $6500 under the Weatherization Assistance Program if you qualify, there are also existing state and utility rebate programs in about 50% of the states. These Credits, Rebates, and Grants can combine to make the installation of a Peerless Pinnacle High Efficiency Modulating Condensing Gas Boiler very affordable and start you saving money on your energy costs.

The Peerless Pinnacle’s efficiency comes from its Modulating Condensing Boiler or Mod Con Boiler as we call them in the trade. In a Mod Con the incoming fuel and air is thoroughly mixed by a fan then is sent to the burner to heat the boiler. The Peerless P-825 control board that has many sensors providing inputs to it, controlling the fuel/air mixture, and firing rate the boiler needs to closely match your heating needs contributing greatly to the efficiency of a Peerless Pinnacle Mod Con Boiler. The Condensing Boiler is the other half of the high efficiency package. The Condensing Boiler uses almost every bit of heat in the flue gases before exhausting them. So much heat is removed from the flue gases that even steam that is present in the flue gases actually condenses to water and the flue gases exhausted are cool enough that PVC pipe can be used for a flue pipe. The Mod Con feature offers efficiencies that in the past were unobtainable from conventional boilers.

Peerless Pinnacle Wallhung

The PI-T50 and PI-T80 are smaller and can be wall mounted.

The Peerless Pinnacle High Efficiency Modulating Condensing Gas Fired Boiler P-825 control board features an LED Display that displays the status, tests, and diagnostic functions. The panel controls functions such as the firing rate, domestic water priority, outdoor reset, optional modules can control multiple boiler sequencing, and software is available that can interface the P-825 with a PC. The exhaust emissions of the Peerless Pinnacle series boilers exceed even the tough SCAQMD standards enforced in the Southern California area. The Condensing Boiler is made with a stainless steel burner and heat exchanger to resist the effects of corrosive condensate. The PI-T50 and PI-T80 are smaller and can be wall mounted while the PI-80, PI-140, PI-199, and the commercial PI-399 are all floor mount units. Standard equipment on the Peerless Pinnacle Boilers include a ASME relief valve, temperature pressure gauge, high water temperature and low water pressure limit switches, electrical junction box with service switch. The Burner features spark ignition and has a Karl Dungs gas valve, screened intake and exhaust, and has a flame sensor, and high vent temperature limit switch, for safety. The P-825 has many sensors with supply and return temperature sensors, and a outdoor temperature sensor among them.

The Peerless Pinnacle High Efficiency Modulating Condensing Gas Fired Boiler is provided with a full one-year warranty, and the heat exchanger has a 12-year pro rated warranty with optional 5 and 10-year plans.


  1. Charles says

    I bought this boiler (PI-140) less than 5 years ago and I’m going to replace it with something from a different company.
    This is a poorly designed piece of junk. Repair cost outweigh any fuel savings you might get. This company makes out on over priced replacement part. My advice is to go with a name brand.

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