Jacuzzi Espree WaterSense High-Performance Elongated Toilet Review

The Jacuzzi Espree WaterSense High Performance Elongated Toilet Model # 36959 is a high efficiency toilet that meets the EPA WaterSense certification requirements and is eligible for WaterSense Rebates in many areas. For a toilet to become WaterSense certified gravity flush toilets must use only 1.28 gallons per flush and be able to remove 350 grams of solids from the bowl with a single flush. The requirements of the WaterSense Certification Program are good because they assure the consumer they are buying a toilet that has a flushing performance level that satisfy a minimum of 99.5% of the male population. The Jacuzzi Espree actually when tested for the MaP Report flushed 1,000 grams of solids per flush which is the maximum toilets are tested for in the MaP testing. WaterSense Certified Toilets can save thousands of gallons of water each year in your home.

The Jacuzzi Espree WaterSense High Performance Elongated Toilet is a 2 piece toilet and is available in white only and comes in the taller ADA height which many adults find to be far more comfortable to use. Young children however will probably need a step stool to comfortably use the toilet. The Jacuzzi Espree has a clean looking skirted design which many manufacturers are now producing models with. The skirted design makes cleaning an easy task with clean lines that extend straight down to the floor with no place for dirt and dust to accumulate. The design does have some drawbacks though as it makes setting the toilet much more difficult and when the skirt is extended back close to the wall as is done with the Jacuzzi Espree the connections for the water supply and fill valve replacement can only be accomplished with the toilet removed for its setting. The positioning of the angle stop valve is also critical and when the Espree is replacing an existing toilet the water supply coming out of the wall or, floor may have to be moved to avoid interference with the skirt. In addition you will be facing higher costs whenever a repair of anything more than a flapper replacement is required. The Jacuzzi Espree has a fully glazed 2 1/8” trapway and a 3” flush valve, which is the norm for achieving high flushing performance with low amounts of water usage. The Jacuzzi Espree is a complete kit with the tank, bowl, seat, wax ring and closet bolts for mounting the toilet. The Espree is designed for a 12” rough-in and has a bowl rim height of 16 1/2 “ with the top of the tank 32 5/8” high off the floor, weighing in at 112 lbs.

The Jacuzzi Espree WaterSense High Performance Elongated Toilet is rated buy most purchasers as average with complaints about a difficult installation and difficult access to the connections for water supply, fill valve and tank to bowl nuts. While there were almost no complaints about the flushing ability of the toilet there were many complaints about the bowl wash and streaking in the bowl after use making frequent cleaning of the bowl necessary. The purchasers also complained about the quality of the seat and the wax ring and closet bolts included in the kit. While toilet comes with a 5-Year Guarantee, purchasers will discover that the stores where they purchased the toilet do not carry the replacement parts and they are only obtainable by calling Jacuzzi often with a 5-7 day wait for parts to arrive. The Jacuzzi Espree is available priced in the $230 range at Lowe’s and other locations including On-Line. One of the possibilities of flush-related complaints is probably due to the toilet being installed with a wax ring that has a plastic funnel shaped horn built into the ring. Many people erroneously see the plastic horn being something useful in preventing leaks however they often end up causing leaks and in some cases may cause interference with the fit of the outlet from the toilet and closet flanges where the plastic horn pinches closed causing clogs to form. While the Jacuzzi Espree has decent flushing ability and an attractive appearance, purchasers should carefully consider the lack of bowl wash, difficult installation and maintenance caused by the design and replacement parts availability.

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