iHeater Infrared Portable Heater Review

iHeater Infrared Portable Heater Review The iHeater infrared portable heater can save you up to 50% on your heating bills by allowing you to be comfortable in the room you are using while lowering the heat in the rest of the house. The iHeater uses 1500-watts worth titanium oxide coated elements that are UL Listed which will last about 60,000 hours inside the unit to produce the warmth, which is blown out of the unit to gently and evenly heat the room you are in. The iHeater will not dry the air in the room like some heaters will. The outside of the iHeater is cool to the touch and is completely safe for animals and even small children, with no chance of them getting burned. The UL Listing on the titanium oxide coated elements assures you that they are safe to use in your home. The iHeater comes with a 30-Day No-Risk Money Back Guarantee that you will be completely satisfied or, simply return the iHeater and get your money back. In addition to the 30-Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee the iHeater comes with a 1-Year Guarantee where if your iHeater breaks they will either repair it or, replace it with a new one.

The iHeater is available with either a black or, a wood grain finish ABS plastic cabinet that is almost indestructible, and uses only 1500-watts which is only slightly more than a hair dryer yet fills a room up to 1,000 sq. ft. with warmth evenly spread throughout the room. The iHeater is compact measuring 16” X 13” X 17” and tips the scales at 28-Lbs. but you don’t have to worry about lifting it because the iHeater has wheels so it can be easily rolled from room to room if you if you change the room of your home that you are using so you can bring your comfort with you wherever you go in your home.

The heater has both a control panel on the unit and comes with a remote control where you can run the unit and make adjustments from across the room. The iHeater is whisper quiet as the infrared technology gently and evenly floods your room with warmth for only pennies a day using just a little more electricity than a hair dryer, while saving you up to 50% on your heating costs. The iHeater uses only 12.5-amps so it can be plugged into any 120-volt receptacle in your home. The iHeater is sold mostly on TV, by phone and on-line but may be available in some stores as well. The sooner you start heating only the area of your home that you are using the sooner you can start saving money.