How You Can Save $100 On Roto Rooter Drain Cleaning

411 plumb You can save about $100 on a Roto Rooter drain cleaning or, sewer cleaning by following a few simple steps. When a Roto Rooter drain cleaning technician arrives at your home to clean a clogged drain he will first look at the problem to diagnose what is going on, and what he needs to do to fix the problem. The next thing he will do is quote a “Flat Rate” price to fix the problem and ask you to sign the estimate to get started. This is when you need to “Put The Brakes On” and start saving money. It is important to realize the the “Flat Rate” you were quoted has some hills in it that can be smoothed off lowering your Roto Rooter invoice by about $100.

Get Rid Of Hidden Costs and Unnecessary Add Ons

The first thing to do is remove the unneeded add ons from your bill. The Roto Rooter technician more than likely said he would “Clean and Treat” your drain line or, may have offered a gallon of Roto Rooter Pipe Shield along with the work. The “Clean and Treat” is the way the technicians are trained to sell their “Quota” of “Pipe Shield” without coming right out, and saying they are selling it to you. This product costs $52 for a gallon at this time, and the technician receives a commission of around $13 for the sale. The technician has a quota where he has to sell at least 4 gallons of Roto Rooter Pipe Shield each week. As a former employee of Roto Rooter I can assure you this product is not an easy sell on its own, and the company offers no substantial data that it even works. Most technicians will quote a “Clean and Treat” with vague references to the product, and hope the sale occurs. Make sure that you ask questions about what the “Clean and Treat” is, if that is what was offered, and decline the offer saying you only want the drain snaked, and do not want to buy the “Roto Rooter Pipe Shield.” Once you do this the price should decline about $52 and when the final bill is printed out a separate line item on the bill under drain care products for “Pipe Shield” $52 should not appear. Make sure to examine the final bill, and make sure it was not added onto the bill.

Discount Coupons

Roto Rooter routinely offers discount coupons on their website for a percentage off or, a set dollar amount. Make sure that you visit the Roto Rooter website and print out the coupons. Hold these for a “Trump Card” after negotiating additional discounts outlined below. You may get them to reach even deeper into their pocket.

If You Are A Senior Citizen Make Sure You Get Your Discount

The next thing you need to do is realize the “Flat Rate” that you were quoted off of the “Price List” has some wiggle room. If you are a senior citizen, the company policy states, that you are to receive a 10% discount off the price. Some technicians will automatically do this, and others will not ever mention this unless you ask for it. If you are a senior make sure that you get your discount! The discount should appear as a discount on the final bill printed out by the technician.

Additional Discounts Off the Flat Rate Are Available

The next thing about the “Flat Rate” you need to know is that the Roto Rooter technicians are routinely allowed to offer a discount of 10% to a customer that has a price objection, in order to close the sale. Some may be able to discount even further on their own, and almost always can go further with a manager’s permission. Simply said, Roto Rooter’s prices are on the high end of the scale, and the technicians are under the gun to keep a high enough close rate to avoid scrutiny by the company. When you play hardball the “Flat Rate” is negotiable! Everyone should negotiate even seniors that already have the 10% discounted off the price. When you make it known to them that you know other companies will do the work for less than their price, they will negotiate in order to keep the job from going to another company. Be aggressive and try to get even 15 or even 20% off the “Flat Rate!” You want the discount and a full guarantee of 6 months on the drain cleaning.

Don’t Feel Guilty!

Do not feel any guilt at pursuing the discount! Roto Rooter’s prices are on the upper end of the price scale because of their own choice to have high overhead costs. It’s not your fault, Roto Rooter opted to buy 2 full page ads in every phone book known to man, and have an abundance of managers. Even when the technician removes the Roto Rooter Pipe Shield and discounts the flat rate by 10% very little will be lost by him. If you figure the Pipe Shield was $52 and the drain cleaning was $360 for a “Clean and Treat” price of $412, which you then lowered $52 by cutting off the Pipe Shield, and an additional $36 by getting 10% off, you only lowered the technicians commission by $23.80 while lowering your cost $88.

Times are tough and you should always try to save what money you have, who knows what tomorrow will bring? You owe it to yourself to save money by removing expensive unnecessary add ons, and negotiating the “Flat Rate” price structure of Roto Rooter.

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15 comments on “How You Can Save $100 On Roto Rooter Drain Cleaning
  1. Woloski says:

    I was charged 36.95 for an estimate I have never had a plumbing company charge for one what a way to make a living. They don’t have to actually work just give estimates all day and rip people off . I’ll be sure to tell everyone I know. Then the price for the work was so insane $269.00 for a new steel toilet flange never call this company again!

    • Redwood says:

      Hi Woloski,
      This seems to be something new they are doing. When I was there The estimates were free and if no work was done there was no charge. Was this $36.95 charge agreed to before the technician was sent? Also do you know if it was a franchise or, company branch office you were dealing with?

  2. sammy says:

    Go to Home Depot. Rent a snake with camera and monitor. This equipment runs around $250.00 for four hours. However, if you don’t know how to run the snake, which have a camera attached to it, then the monitor you watch to see exactly what is in your pipe, then don’t rent it. Or maybe rent it and let someone that know how to use it help you.

  3. Jeff says:

    My Vent pipe out side is fille with water, I had it cleaned out a couple weeks prior cause my boys stuck pinecones down there, it was working great till i saw the water coming up out of it one day. There is a clog between the vent and the sewer main in the street, i called RR cause it was the first one i thought of. Hoping it isn’t going to break the bank to clean the clog out. Will follow your advise though.

  4. Hubert says:

    I live in Warner Robins, GA. I called Rotor Rooter out to clean my drain line to the main sewer line belonging to the City. They used the camera and found a tree root in the line and a cracked pipe. They gave me a written estimate of $2800 to replace ten feet of sewer line from my house. I refused and told them no thank you at all. I called another plumbing company the next day. They came out and looked at the problem. They then gave me, not an estimate, but a finished price of $800.00. This was not for eight (8) feet of replaced line but they put in the outside drain flush receptacles and all new pipe which included digging by hand a new ditch about fifty feet to the City Sewer line. Needless to say I was thrilled by their price and their work. I will never, ever call Rotor Rooter again. Outrageous prices prevail with this Company. Better to make some phone calls and get a decent price. A good, reputable Company will give you a ballpark figure over the phone. You can then make up your mind on who you use.

    • Redwood says:

      Hi Hubert,
      I wouldn’t agree that prices over the phone should be given as it is better to ensure that the diagnosis is correct. I’ve frequently been sent on calls that were quite different than what was discussed on the phone. But, I’ll agree that it is a great idea to get additional prices, especially with this company.

  5. luis says:

    I called Roto-Rooter today, they will be at my home today for a kitchen sink clog. I don’t know how much it will be.

    • Redwood says:

      Hi Luis,
      I can’t say what they charge as their rates vary across the country in different market areas, but I will say that they are easily among the highest charging companies wherever they are. Be very careful dealing with them and make sure you follow the tips that I have given in this article and get the price discounted without any extras. In addition try to get discounts even deeper than what I quoted in the article, I recently spoke with a friend who works at the company and she told me that allowed discounts of 25-30% are routinely given now. If you stick to your guns get their price quote first, then remove the Pipe Shield purchase, and get the discounts you may get the price down close to what other companies charge. Be a vigilant tough customer! Don’t be afraid to tell them no! Tell them that you already had a quote for around 1/2 of what they charge, based on their initial quote and see where they go.

      Hope this helps, and let us know how you do,

      • Janey says:

        Hi Redwood.
        I have a clog that services my kitchen sink, pipe run into basement floor, pipe has side opening so I went to home depot and rented 75 ft rooter with the scissor like device attached at put in the side opening of pipe. First black sludge came out, then big clumps of white greasy substance that was easily broken by hand, however after 3hrs and inserting the rod would not budge more then 4 ft into pipe, and when I turned the washer on, water drained from washer sink but then it clogged again, called a plumber, Roto-Rooter quoted about $1800 to unclog, and he said my pipe might be broke. What do you suggest? Please help water is standing in pipe that goes on to concrete floor still have small white pieces white clay coming out, no other problems except for this.

        • Redwood says:

          Hi Janey,
          The white substance is grease, many times after snaking a badly greased line it will start to drain then the loosened grease will move for a little bit and pack tight again. Snaking smaller lines can be tough to get around elbows and the equipment from rental shops is seldom professional grade, So you have given it your best shot and it is time to get some professional help.

          I find it very interesting that Roto-Rooter would without even trying to clean the line tell you that the pipe may be broken and quote you such a high price. I like to either feel it with the cable myself, or clear the line and look at it with a camera before I say a pipe is broken. I wouldn’t trust anyone that didn’t do that!

          I would suggest that you visit this page on my Plumb411 Find A Plumber Website and call the plumber you see listed. I believe he services your area when I checked your IP Address. Tell Richie Redwood says Hi and to take good care of you! He’s a friend of mine.

          If I don’t have your area correct please advise and I’ll see if I can find someone else for you,

  6. Dan Zee says:

    Wow! $400 for Roto Rooter to clean out a drain? I’m in the Boston area (which is a pretty expensive place to live) and the local independent guys only charge $200, maybe $250 on a Sunday night. I won’t be calling Roto Rooter any time soon!

  7. Pete McEntee says:

    Roto Rooter would not honor my $40 off coupon yesterday saying they don’t accept “online” coupons. I did get it online at BargainEZ The charge was only $59 for a service call because they told me they could not solve my plumbing problem. I still didn’t enjoy paying $59 for no work.

    • Redwood says:

      Hi Pete,
      It sounds like the Roto Rooter company in your area might be a “Franchise Operation” that doesn’t follow the normal company guidelines. I would have told them to “Have A Nice Day” when it came to not honoring the coupon, and not being able to do the work thinking they could charge you. When you first called them did they state that there would be a service charge just for showing up?
      What was the work that they were not able to do?

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