How To Attach A Toilet Flapper Chain

411 plumb The toilet flapper chain connects the toilet bowl handle to the toilet bowl flapper. When you push on the toilet bowl handle the chain then pulls the toilet flapper up and water will rush inside of the toilet bowl creating the toilet flush. If you are installing or replacing a toilet flapper you will need to know how to attach and re-attach the toilet chain to the flapper. Sometimes the toilet chain might even come loose from time to time if the chain is not adjusted correctly. Often when people install the toilet flapper or toilet chain they do not leave even slack causing the chain to be to tight and then when someone flushes the toilet bowl handle to hard the toilet chain will pop off or disconnected from the toilet flapper.

If your toilet bowl has a plastic flapper chain you will want to replace it will a metal chain for a number of different reasons. The plastic chain can tear a lot easier then a metal chain. The plastic toilet bowl chain can stretch out and the cause your toilet not to flush correctly. So you will want to replace your plastic toilet flapper chain with a metal toilet chain. Before you can change the toilet chain you will need to shut the water off to the toilet bowl. There should be a valve to the left of the toilet bowl tank around 6″ inches from the floor. You can turn the water supply valve to the right to shut the water off.

Once the water is off to the toilet bowl you will want to remove the toilet tank lid by lifting it straight up. Place the toilet tank lid off to the side so it does not get in your way while you are doing the toilet bowl repairs. Now you should flush the toilet with the water being off so the toilet tank empties and you can work on the toilet chain and the flapper. You first will want to remove the chain from the toilet handle. After you remove the chain from the toilet handle you will want to remove the chain from the flapper. Once both ends of the toilet chain are disconnected you can remove the old toilet chain from the toilet bowl tank.

You now will want to attach the new metal toilet bowl chain to the toilet handle and the toilet flapper. You will first want to attach the toilet chain to the flapper and then you will want to attach it to the toilet handle. You will want to make sure that you leave around 1/2″ inch of slack in the toilet chain so if someone flushes to hard the toilet chain will not disconnect or come loose from the toilet handle or the flapper. Once you have connected both end of the new toilet chain you will want to turn the water back onto the toilet bowl. Once the toilet tank is full you will want to push the toilet handle and make sure the toilet flushes correctly. If the toilet flushes correctly you will want to replace the toilet tank lid.