How Do You Fix A Slow Filling Toilet?

411 plumb When you flush your toilet bowl the toilet tank should refill within a short amount of time unless there is something wrong. If your toilet fills slowly, chances are you will need to replace the toilet fill valve. You also will want to make sure that the water supply valve to the toilet bowl is fully open. You can open the toilet fill valve by turning the handle to the left which is counter-clockwise.

The toilet fill valve is located inside of the toilet bowl tank. You can replace your existing toilet valve with a replacement toilet fill valve that is sold online, at local hardware stores or even big box stores like Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes. There are also many brands of toilet fill valves to choose from. The most popular brand names of replacement toilet repair parts you will find for sale in these stores are Korky and Fluidmaster. Both Fluidmaster and Korky have been trusted names in the toilet repair industry for many years. The toilet fill valve will cost you between $5 – $15.99 depending on the brand and where you buy the toilet valve from.

When you replace the toilet fill valve, its also a very good idea to also replace the toilet supply line as well. This is the line that connects the toilet fill valve to the water supply valve. The toilet supply can be bought at the same place that you buy the toilet fill valve. The toilet supply line will cost you between $4 -$12.00 depending on what type you buy. Toilet supply lines come in plastic, metal and also a flexible braided hose style.

To replace your toilet fill valve you will first want to shut the water off to the toilet. You can do this by shutting the angle stop below the toilet tank or by shutting the main water supply to your house if you do not have a shut off valve to the toilet in the bathroom. This is sometimes the case in older homes, although if there is a basement, be sure to check for isolation valves that can shut the water supply off to the toilet or the entire bathroom. Once the water s off to the toilet, you now will want to loosen the toilet supply line. You will want to loosen and disconnect both ends of the toilet supply line. One end of the toilet supply line is connected to the toilet supply valve and the other end is connected to the water supply valve or line. Now you will want to take an open end wrench or adjustable wrench disconnect the toilet supply line.

Once the toilet supply line is removed you will want to take a pair of channel lock pliers and remove the toilet fill valve mounting nut on the bottom of the tank. You first will want to remove the toilet bowl tank lid and place it in a safe place so it will not break or get damaged while you are repairing the toilet bowl. It will be easier if you remove the tank lid first and use one hand to hold the fill valve with one hand while removing the mounting nut with the pliers with the other hand.

Now you will want to take your new fill valve and stick it into the whole in the tank and then you will want to tighten down the mounting nut. Next you will want to take your new toilet supply line and connect both sides. One side will connect to the toilet fill valve and the other side will connect to the water supply valve. If you have a fill tube you will want to reconnect that as well. Once you have reconnected the toilet supply line and the fill valve mounting nut is tight you can turn the water back on and check for leaks in your fill valve and water supply connections. If you have no leaks you will want to flush the toilet and watch how fast your toilet now fills with your new fill valve.

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3 comments on “How Do You Fix A Slow Filling Toilet?
  1. Nan says:

    The float ball on my Mansfield toilet does not fully rise and the toilet continues to run if I don’t manually pull it up. The screws holding the lever and ball are rusty. Will replacing the screws solve the problem or is there another solution? Thanks,

    • Redwood says:

      Hi Nan,
      Unfortunately replacing those screws will not cure your problem the fill valve needs to be replaced. Fill valves are kind of funny and when you play with them you often think you have them fixed but they start leaking again as soon as you turn your back and all that water dumping down the drain can easily outweigh the cost of a new fill valve. I recommend replacing the fill valve and supply line, you can read how at this link (click here). There is one thing I would add to the instructions that pertain to the Mansfield toilets and that is that on the Mansfield toilets the the bowl refill tube plugs into the stop cap on the top of the flush tube. The bowl refill tube on the Fluidmaster 400A is a slightly smaller diameter than the original tube so you should wrap a few turns of electrical tape around the outside of the tube so it will be snug when inserted into the stop cap. The Korky fill valve has a larger tube so tape is not needed on that fill valve if you use one of them.

      While you are at it, I would also strongly recommend replacing the flush valve seal on your toilet. All of the parts inside the toilet tank deteriorate over time and the chemicals in water used to keep the water supply safe for drinking attack the rubber components. The flush valve seal going bad will also cause water leakage and in addition when it has gone bad will make the lever much harder to push when you go to flush the toilet, this often makes the tank lever break. The Mansfield toilets use one of two different flush valve seals and you can read how to replace them at this link (click here).

      Both of these jobs are quite easy to accomplish and you can expect that you will have about five years of trouble free usage before the parts require replacement again. The time may vary depending on your location and the amount of chemicals used to maintain a safe water supply, warmer pats of the country tend to use higher amounts of chemicals to maintain a safe water supply.

      Hope this helps,

  2. Nan says:

    Thanks, Redwood. Great info.

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