Whirlpool and US Craftmaster Energy Smart Electric Water Heater Review

The Whirlpool and US Craftmaster Energy Smart Water Heaters are both product lines manufactured by American Water Heaters. The Energy Smart electric water heater is a new concept where there is a microprocessor mounted on top of the unit controlling the heating of the water in the tank instead of conventional thermostats. This Energy Smart Processor uses Thermistor Temperature Sensing to measure the temperature of water in the tank and the Energy Smart Processor depending on which of the four modes of operation is selected can make decisions based on the hot water usage pattern of your family that result in a savings of energy cost to provide hot water to your home. The Energy Smart Processor constantly monitors your hot water usage and makes adjustments to the program to ensure that you have enough hot water delivered at minimum cost and can reduce standby heating losses up to 30% when operating in the Energy Smart mode.US Craftmaster Energy Smart Water Electric Heater

The Energy Smart Processor has four modes of operation and a built in test that monitors the function of the processor and water heater components from an easy to use control panel on the top of the water heater. The Energy Smart Control Panel has a knob for water temperature adjustment, a four position knob for mode selection, and an LED indicator light that shows on/off or flashing if there is a problem with the unit. The Energy Smart Processor modes include Smart, Energy Smart, Low Temperature, and Vacation/Cabin. When you select Smart Mode the water heater functions as a conventional water heater turning the elements on and off based on the water temperature in the tank sensed by the Thermistors. When Energy Smart Mode is selected the heating cycles are monitored by the microprocessor and constantly adjusted to deliver hot water at the lowest temperature possible to satisfy your usage patterns. This ensures the lowest cost possible for your hot water needs. If you select a different mode then go back to smart mode your usage patterns are recalled for use. When Low Temperature Mode is selected the temperature of the water in the tank is limited to 115 Degrees F ensuring compliance with some codes that limit water temperature to 120 Degrees F to prevent scalding. The fourth mode you can select is the Vacation/Cabin Mode where the temperature in the tank is set to a minimum of 50 Degrees F to prevent freezing while you are away, when you return selection of one of the other three modes return your heater to normal operation. The Built in Test is shown by the LED on the Energy Smart Control Panel. The light is out when the unit is off and there is no power, on when the unit is on and running and flashing when there is a problem with the unit. The numbers of flashes on the LED indicate where the problem is sensed and the Energy Smart Processor automatically shuts the unit off if an unsafe condition exists. Among the conditions monitored by the Built in Test are, dry firing where the water heater is turned on without being full, overheating of the water in the tank, temperature sensor operation, upper and lower heating element operation switching heating to the good element when failure is detected, and the Energy Smart Processor itself.

energy smart control panel and processorThe Whirlpool and US Craftmaster Energy Smart water heaters come in 40, 50, 66, and 80 gallon sizes with 9 or 12 Year Tank and Parts Warrantee. All models operate on 240 volts and “EE2J” 12 Year Warrantee models have dual 4500 watt Incoloy heating elements, while the “EE2H” 9 Year Warrantee models have dual 4500 watt elements with the bottom element being Incoloy and the top element being copper. All models have a LimeFighter Diptube and thick Non-CFC foam insulation. The 4500 watt elements give these units a recovery of 20.7 at 90 degrees rate of rise. The water heater tanks have a ceramic lining to provide corrosion resistance and give you a long tank life. The 40 gallon size is adequate for most 3 – 4 person families and the larger sizes will work for families in the 5+ size. As always sufficient hot water depends on your usage and large demands such as whirlpool tubs, and multi-head shower systems should be considered when sizing a water heater. Warrantee and Replacement Parts are handled through the manufacturer and while the elements are a common size and are a stock replacement part sold at many locations the Energy Smart Processor and its Sensors are only available from American Water Heaters at their 1-800-999-9515 help line.

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