Dirt Devil Rampage Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

The Dirt Devil Rampage Robotic Pool Cleaner makes cleaning your pool as easy as plugging it in, pushing a button and dropping the Rampage to the bottom of the pool. The Rampage with its powerful built in pump and filter will roam the pool scrubbing the bottom, sides, and even stairs and inclines using less power than a 100-watt light bulb, while you are free to do other things.

The Dirt Devil Rampage Robotic Pool Cleaner is able to fully clean up to a 20’ X 40’ pool in three hours or, if you select the quick clean cycle will clean the pool bottom in an hour. The Rampage has a 55’ long power cord, which powers the powerful built in pump pulling as much as 75-gallons per minute through the built in 5-Micron filter. The filter has a surface area of 1000 sq. in. allowing the Rampage to suck up a large volume of dirt and debris during the cleaning cycle without clogging and is easily cleaned at the end of the cycle by pulling it out through the bottom of the Rampage and rinsing the filter clean with a hose. The Dirt Devil Rampage also comes with an extra heavy-duty disposable filter that allows the Rampage to be used for spring-cleaning when you open the pool.

The Rampage is safe with the unit powered through a transformer that supplies 24-vac to the unit through its 55’ long cord with no connections in the water and it is tested to stringent ETL and CSA safety standards. The Dirt Devil Rampage using its microprocessor controls, and adaptive seek control technology will roam the pool on its tank like treads, brushing, scrubbing and vacuuming the pool from top to bottom and everywhere in between at speeds up to 55’ per minute. The Rampage filter has a microban element, which blocks the growth of germs and bacteria on the filter media helping to keep your pool healthy as the Rampage cleaner scrubs the dirt and bacteria of the underwater surfaces of your pool.

The Dirt Devil Rampage Robotic Pool Cleaner housing is constructed from ABS plastic with moving parts made of stainless steel and Acetal for maximum durability and is supplied with a 3-Year Warranty for purchasers. The Rampage can also be controlled by a wireless remote control allowing you to easily steer the cleaner around the pool to spot clean if needed. The Dirt Devil Rampage weighs only 21½ lbs. and has a slight negative buoyancy allowing you to just drop it into the pool allowing it to slowly sink to the bottom when you go to use the cleaner, and when the cycle is complete retrieve it by hauling it out with the cord until you can reach the handle to lift it out of the water. While in use the powerful thrust created by the 75 gallons per minute of water exhausting out of the top of the unit allows the Rampage to climb the slopes, sides and stairs of the pool cleaning the entire pool with ease. The Rampage also has an optional Dirt Devil Cleaner Cart available, which makes transporting and storing the cleaner, cord and transformer easy.

The Dirt Devil Rampage Robotic Pool Cleaner is sure to please you with its hassle free cleaning of the pool and its operation, which takes a load off your pool filter reducing the number filter cleanings or, back washings required making pool care easy for you at a cost lower than operating a 100-watt light bulb.

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