Christmas Decorations on a Budget

411 plumb It’s time for Christmas decorations to come out again and come up with decorating ideas for the Holidays. How about if we just throw some glitter on those dust bunnies in the corner and call them Christmas Decorations?   Thanksgiving and Christmas are rapidly approaching, and if you are like me, you are always surprised when they show up. Even though I know they are coming like clockwork every year, I always have that inevitable day when I wake up, completely surprised that it’s only days or weeks away.  I then begin the scramble to decorate, cook, get into the Christmas spirit, and make the days magical for the children in my life, big or small.

We are all on a budget this year. We have all had to make sacrifices and decisions about what is important to purchase and what can wait for that day when we are better off again.  Spending money on Christmas and Thanksgiving decorations probably fits in to no one’s budget, yet we want to have our home cheery for the holidays.

Every year I struggle with what colors I want to use. Do I want the typical red, green and cranberry motif or maybe simple light colors such as white or gold or silver, it sounds expensive, it’s not.

Candles make wonderful Christmas decorations. If you have a little extra money the Glade candles smell wonderful. Of course, Yankee Candle is one of my passions and you can find deals there as well.  A few well-placed candles with some boughs from trees that most of us have access to, and if we don’t we can always go out under cover of darkness and borrow some from our neighbors. Think of it this way, you are pruning their trees for future growth. You can also purchase some from stores for little money. Let your conscience decide that one for you.  Craft stores, dollar stores, and the Christmas Tree Shops sell small colored ornaments and little plastic berries that when placed around the glowing candle can add such warmth to the room.  You will be surprised that once you enter these stores, you will find many decorating ideas that will not only get the creative juices flowing, they won’t break the budget.

Pine cones are abundant right now. If you have children or grandchildren, they would love to help you pick them up. A little glitter and glue, you have Christmas decorations and happy children. Of course you can go alone and please the child in you.

We all love wreaths for our front door. You can find the real pine ones all decorated for you, or you can get them undecorated and check out the above stores for decorating ideas that you can make yourself. The fake wreaths can also look lovely when decorated. I have used both and achieved the same warm feeling we all look for when we drive up to our home.

I love the smells that come with Christmas decorating. It can be expensive to purchase Potpourri and wonderfully scented candles. Apple pie is one of the things we associate with the holidays. All those apple peels can be put in a pan of water with a little cinnamon or clove. As you simmer it, your home will have a wonderful aroma that will definitely give you the spirit of these holidays. It doesn’t have to simmer for long, we are on a budget after all.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to feel the Christmas spirit and to have Christmas decorations. It just takes a little time and a little thought to produce a big result.

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