Appliance Stimulus Package for Water Heaters

The Obama Administration has announced a $300 Million Appliance Stimulus Package and one of the appliances included is replacement of a water heater. The rebate program details very by state and the rebate amounts range from $50 – $200. For a hot water heater to qualify it must carry the Energy Star Seal and be […]

Troubleshooting Guide for Flame Guard and Flame Lock Water Heaters

Flame Guard and Flame Lock Gas Water Heaters are made by American Water Heater Company and sold under the names American Proline, Whirlpool, Envirotemp, Mor-Flo, Powerflex, Premier Plus, US Craftmaster and possibly others. The Flame Guard and Flame Lock are names for FVIR (Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant) Technology designed and manufactured by American Water Heaters. […]

How to change a T&P Valve on your Water Heater

You have a leaking T&P Valve or, one that doesn’t open when you lift the test lever. If it is leaking, you have checked the related article “How to Test your T&P Valve” and made sure that it was not opening because it was doing its job. Now it is time to remove and replace […]

The T&P Valve on my Water Heater is Leaking

Let’s relax a minute and figure out whether the T&P valve is doing its job or, if it needs replacement. There are two ways it could leak and be doing its job. The name of T&P Valve has meaning. “T” is for temperature and “P” is for pressure. The valve is the final safety device […]

How to Test your T&P Valve

In your home there is a rocket. It weighs between 300 – 1200 Lbs. and can, without even a moment’s notice launch itself through the roof of your home, fly several hundred feet in the air, and land a block away. This rocket hides in basements, closets, garages, attics, and even under kitchen counters. However, […]

How to Change the Anode Rod in your Water Heater

The typical life expectancy of your water heater is around 12 years and the typical cost of replacement ranges from $350 – $1800 depending on who does the work and the type and size of water heater you need. There are several things you can do to extend the life of the water heater and […]