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Why Is My Hot Water Cloudy Or Milky Colored?

In most cases milky colored hot water is nothing to worry about. The milky coloring is only air and the water will clear when allowed to sit for a minute or, two. The water coming into your home has many

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Why Does My Vessel Sink Drain Slow?

Slow draining vessel sinks disappoint many people after remodeling a bathroom and installing a vessel sink. People assume many causes such as clogs and venting problems are causing the slow draining often spending money needlessly trying to correct the problem.

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Why My Shower Has No Pressure

Why a shower has no pressure can be caused by a few different reasons. Keeping this simple, what you should first determine if the shower is the only fixture with the problem. Look at the other fixtures in the home

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Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Urine?

When a bathroom smells like urine, many times the first person people turn to for answers is the plumber. They are wondering if a leaking toilet could be causing the odor. While a plumber may be able to assist you

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Why Does My Sump Pump Smell?

When a sump pump smells the first thing that we need to do is determine whether it is a sump pump or sewage ejector pump that we are talking about. Many people do not know there is a difference between

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