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Why Does My Sump Pump Run Constantly?

A sump pump constantly running can be a good thing or, a bad thing depending on whether it is pumping water. Of course even if it is pumping water, constantly running is an indicator that the pump capacity is very

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Why Does My Faucet Whistle?

Why a faucet whistles can have several different causes. Something loose in the water stream can vibrate as the water runs by it causing a whistling noise. The whistling sound can also be caused an unusually high velocity flow of

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Why is there not enough hot water?

Why there is not enough hot water is a problem many people face at one time or another. There is nothing worse than finding yourself standing in a shower all lathered up when the water temperature plummets. There are many

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My Garbage Disposal Stinks How To Clean It

When your garbage disposal stinks it can flavor the air of your entire kitchen. The smell is coming from debris that is caught and building up in the disposer as well as the drainpipes under the sink all the way

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Why Water Won’t Come Out Of A Faucet

There could be many reasons why water won’t come out of a faucet, the first thing you should check is if there is water available at other fixture to determine if it is just the one faucet or, the problem

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Why My Water Heater Makes Noise

Your water heater can make noise in a variety of ways ranging from hissing, popping, tapping, banging, and even jackhammer sounds. Some are indicators of problems while others are just age and improper maintenance that really are not much of

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