Maytag Refrigerator’s Eligible for Appliance Stimulus Rebates

Later this fall when the states finalize their plans for the “Appliance Stimulus” rebates many Americans will choose to upgrade to a new energy efficient refrigerator. Older models of refrigerators may be consuming $100 – $200 more per year than a new one will. Old leaking seals on doors and refrigeration systems that have lost […]

Let an EdenPURE Heater Cut Your Winter Heating Costs

The EdenPURE Heater is a highly effective area heater that uses powerful commercial infrared quartz tubes to heat copper heat exchanger tubes. Cold air is then forced through the EdenPURE heater’s copper heat exchanger tubes by a fan and blown into the room with gentle even heat that fills the whole room. A heat so […]

LG Washers Eligible for Appliance Stimulus Package Rebates

Picking an LG Washing Machine that meets the requirements of the Appliance Stimulus Package is easy. The reason it is so easy is their entire line meets the requirements of the “Cash for Appliances” program because every washer they make carries the Energy Star seal. LG or, Life’s Good is a Korean based corporation with […]

Appliance Stimulus Package for Water Heaters

The Obama Administration has announced a $300 Million Appliance Stimulus Package and one of the appliances included is replacement of a water heater. The rebate program details very by state and the rebate amounts range from $50 – $200. For a hot water heater to qualify it must carry the Energy Star Seal and be […]

Frigidaire Gallery® Stainless 26 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator Review

Frigidaire has been making refrigerators since 1916 the Guardian Frigerator Company was formed, in 1918 the company was bought by General Motors who changed the company name to Frigidaire. Frigidaire is currently owned by AB Electrolux of Sweden. Frigidaire has had many firsts in the refrigerator industry including: 1st all steel cabinet, 1st “Hydrator”, a […]

“Cash for Appliances” Economic Stimulus Package Coming Soon

A “Cash for Appliances” stimulus package is getting ready to follow the “Cash for Clunkers” program which generated new car sales totaling nearly 700,000 units and came in at a cost of $2.877 Billion which was under the $3 Billion appropriated by Congress to run the program. The $300 Million “Cash for Appliances” Program is […]