Carlin EZ Gas Burner Review

Carlin EZ Gas Burner The Carlin EZ Gas Burner can fire on either natural gas or, LP gas and has firing rates from 50,000 to 275,000 Btuh. Carlin Combustion Technologies Inc. is based in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts and is one of the leaders in the gas burner industry. Carlin Gas Burners are supplied as OEM Burners on many heating products by a wide variety of manufacturers. Carlin manufactures oil, gas and multi fuel burners along with igniters, controls, and components for the burners for both residential and commercial uses.

The Carlin EZ Gas Burner comes with everything you need including the burner control and fuel train, and it easily converts fuels with just changing the orifice size. The gas supply pressure range is 5 to 14”w.c. with a manifold pressure of 3.5”w.c. The EZ Gas can fire into a variety of applications including lined combustion chambers, unlined combustion chamber and even without a combustion chamber. The Carlin EZ Gas runs on 120-volt, 60 cycle, single phase power, and draws about 2-amperes to power the 1/15 horsepower, 3450 rpm NEMA 48 M-flange mounted blower motor. The controls and fuel valve operate on 120-volts. The ignition of the Carlin EZ Gas uses a Carlin model 41800 solid-state ignition module, which supplies 9,000 volts to ignite the flame of the burner. The Carlin Model 60200FR burner control is a microprocessor, which controls a pre and post purge, which helps keep the burner clean and also controls the 4-second trial for ignition, 2-second ignition establishment, the 1.3-second flame failure response time, using a flame rod for sensing with a minimum flame current of 0.8 Micro ampere DC, with automatic recycling that occurs on flame failure and a reset that latches after 3 lockouts providing the safety you need. The Carlin model 60200FR control also features diagnostic LED’s to aid in troubleshooting and is compatible with thermostats and aquastats. The Carlin EZ Pro is UL listed in both US and in Canada.