Can Men Use Bidet Toilet Seats?

411 plumb If you are a guy that is afraid to use a bidet or bidet toilet seat you may just want to imagine this for a second. Your at your house and relaxing on a first date with your new girlfriend. You’re both eating dinner together when all of a sudden your stomach starts to rumble and you excuse yourself into the bathroom. Of course this is not the best time to have to go #2 but you have no choice. Then the time comes when you start wiping and horribly you discover that it’s just a bit more pasty then usual. What are you going to do? Running a bath or a shower would just seem so awkward and out of place on a first date, especially when you were just supposed to be using the bathroom for a second. Well, if you had a bidet toilet seat, you could wash your pasty backside in seconds and walk out of the bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

The bidet is a plumbing fixture that is installed along side of the toilet in many bathrooms. The bidet can get your backside way cleaner then just using regular toilet paper. In the old days the bidet was just a plumbing fixture that had to be piped in and hooked up by a plumber. Now with the latest technology in the plumbing industry you can get a bidet toilet seat with all the features that a regular bidet has to offer but with a more affordable price. The other nice part of a bidet seat compared to a regular bidet is the bidet seat hooks up to any working toilet bowl with ease.

The biggest misconception is that bidets and bidet toilet seats are meant to only be used by women and nothing could be further from the truth. In fact everyone in the household can receive mutual health benefits from using a the bidet toilet seat. The bidet toilet seat is easy to use but not many men take a second and even give it a try. Using the bidet toilet seat is as easy as sitting down and turning the water control valve to on the on position and simply washing your backside.

The bidet toilet seat features many options that a roll of toilet paper cannot offer. Some of these features include hot & cold adjustable spray wash nozzles, anal massages and heated backside dryers. Not only can get enjoy all these great features from the bidet seat you can also walk out of the bathroom knowing that you have a sparkling clean backside.

Bidet seats can also be a great way to clean your backside if you are disabled or have any other health conditions that make it hard for you to reach around back. The bidet seat can make cleaning your backside simply and easy because all of the controls to operate the seat are located right on the side of the toilet within arms reach. So before you dismiss the idea that bidets are not for men, remember to think about all the health benefits they offer and how they even can help you prevent some embarrassing moments.