Burnham Alpine Modulating Condensing Gas Fired Boiler Review

Burnham Alpine The Burnham Hydronics Alpine Condensing Modulating Gas Fired Boiler is a highly efficient boiler that is floor mounted or, in a situation where multiple boilers are used can be stacked in a modular configuration with 7 models that can be used for small residential to light commercial applications. Burnham Hydronics is “Made in America” and has a foundry in Zanesville, Ohio with its assembly plant in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Burnham Hydronics’ product line has had more new High Efficiency Energy Star rated boilers added to it in the last several years than any other company in the history of hydronic heating. Burnham’s boiler product line contains so many Energy Products that their efficiency for the whole line combined exceeds 85% and some products have maximum efficiencies over 95%. They are a recognized industry leader with gas, oil, and even electric boilers, with both water and steam systems available.

The Burnham Hydronics Alpine Condensing Modulating Gas Fired Boiler is a silver and black trimmed floor mounted or, modular stacked appliance appearing unit. The Alpine is available in 7 models with modulating burners that modulate between 16 and 500 MBH input and have DOE Heating Capacities of 80 – 500 MBH with efficiencies of 94.1 – 95% AFUE depending on the model selected. At the heart of the Burnham Alpine is a Modulating Burner that mixes its fuel and air in the blower to ensure the best possible combustion and modulates to just the right size flame for your heating needs. This flame heats a Condensing Boiler which extracts almost all the available heat out of the flue gases so your energy dollar is not wasted up the chimney. The Condensing Boiler takes so much heat out of the flue gases that steam in the flue gases condense into water releasing the latent heat of steam. The Alpine has Low NOx emissions which help reduce the levels of Nitrogen Oxide in the atmosphere which is a major component of smog and a Greenhouse Gas making this a green machine. The high efficiencies of the Alpine give it the Energy Star seal making purchasers eligible to receive Appliance Stimulus Package Rebates of up to $200, Weatherization Assistance Program Grants up to $6500 per household if qualified, various state and utility rebates available in about 50% of the states, and a 30% Income Tax Credit making upgrading your heating system affordable now more than ever.

The Burnham Hydronics Alpine Condensing Modulating Gas Fired Boiler includes a stainless steel heat exchanger for use with Natural or Propane Gas (up to 10,200 ft.), multiple venting options, CPVC/PVC venting (standard), polypropylene concentric (optional), stainless steel 2-pipe (optional), fully modulating boiler operating controls (5-to-1 turndown and includes outdoor reset), modern, appliance-like design with gas, water, & electric connections on left side, polypropylene condensate trap with integral float switch, Plug & Play connections, domestic hot water priority, stackable, with built-in provisions for external staging controls (built-in terminals can receive a 0-10V DC signal from an external modulating control. The Burnham Alpine can run on Natural or LP Gas (designed for easy field conversion from natural gas to LP gas with no kits or special tools just turn of a screw is all it takes), 5-Year Parts & Labor Warranty available with every Alpine boiler under 300 MBH and used in a residential applications. The Alpine does not have a domestic hot water coil so if you desire this unit to provide domestic hot water an indirect water heater would be required.

With the Rebates, Grants, and Tax Credits available now there probably never will be a better time to upgrade your heating system and save on your heating costs while being green and helping the environment.