Buderus G115WS Oil Fired Boiler Review

Buderus G115WS Boiler The Buderus G115WS Oil Fired Boiler is available in three sizes all of which have the Energy Star seal because of their high efficiency of 86% AFUE or better. Having the Energy Star rating is important because it signifies the boiler meets standards of efficiency and makes it so you can receive a variety of Rebates, Grants, and Tax Credits for installing it. The Buderus G115WS boilers are eligible for up to a $200 Rebate under the Appliance Stimulus Package, a Grant up to $6500 under the Weatherization Assistance Program if you qualify, and Income Tax Credit of 30% of the money you spend to have a Buderus G115WS installed in your home up to $1500. These incentive programs can greatly offset the cost of having a boiler upgrade and have you putting the energy savings in your pocket sooner.

Buderus started as a manufacturer of cast iron goods in Germany about 1731, and by 1835 they had expanded to five foundries and were well know for their stoves, which were known as “Long Burners.” Today they are part of the Bosch Group and have a worldwide presence and in over fifty countries. Today Buderus has product lines including Solar Energy, Geothermal Heat Pumps, Wood Fuel Burners, and Gas and Oil Burners. Their US headquarters is located in Londonderry, N.H. and their main product lines in North America include: hot water boilers, domestic hot water storage tanks, climate and energy controls, panel radiators, and other hot water heating accessories. Buderus is widely recognized as a high-end manufacturer of heating products.

The Buderus G115WS Oil Fired Boilers can be installed with either chimney venting or, direct-vented allowing great flexibility in the installation. The three models of the Buderus G115WS are:

Buderus Logamatic Control

Buderus Logamatic Control

  • G115WS/3, which is a 3-section boiler that can be, fired at an output of 85,000 Btu/Hr, 0.70 GPH, 86.7% AFUE when chimney vented, and 74,000 Btu/Hr, 0.60 GPH, 86.5% AFUE when direct vented.
  • G115WS/4, which is a 4-section boiler that can be fired at an output of 109,000 Btu/Hr, 0.90 GPH, 86.9% AFUE when chimney vented, and 98,000 Btu/Hr, 0.80 GPH, 86.8% AFUE when direct vented.
  • G115WS/5, which is a 5-section boiler that can be fired at an output of 136,000 Btu/Hr, 1.10 GPH, 87% AFUE when chimney vented, and 120,000 Btu/Hr, 1.0 GPH, 86% AFUE when direct vented.
Buderus Indirect Domestic Hot Water Tank

Buderus Indirect Domestic Hot Water Tank

The Buderus G115WS Oil Fired Boilers use a modified 3-pass boiler is constructed out of Buderus GL-180M cast iron, which is a special flexible corrosion resistant, cast iron that resists thermal shock for a long life.  The G115WS boilers have a wide opening swing door front that can be hinged on either side to allow quick and easy cleanings of the boiler to maintain maximum efficiency. The G115WS are supplied with out a burner allowing you to choose a Beckett, Carlin or, Riello burner from a list of compatible burners. You may also elect to have the G115WS installed with the Logamatic control, which is a microprocessor based control that will give you even higher savings and comfort while controlling boiler functions such as domestic hot water, heating, day/night setback, vacation mode and even summer winter changeover among the functions it controls. The G115WS does not have a domestic hot water coil but when installed with a Buderus Indirect Hot Water Tank will supply you with abundant hot water in a tank that can be installed under your G115WS stacked to have a small system footprint. The Indirect Tank is available in a variety of horizontal and vertical models allowing flexibility in your installation. Included with the G115WS is an L7248C1006 aquastat, circulator pump, flanges, and a flexible oil line.

The Buderus G115WS Oil Fired Boilers are a high quality boiler that is sure to deliver comfort and reliability. The Buderus G115WS Oil Fired Boilers have a One-Year Warranty on the boiler followed with a Lifetime-Warranty on the heat exchanger, which is pro-rated after 10 years.