Bradford White High Efficiency Energy Saver Electric Water Heater Review

Bradford White Electric High Efficiency Upright Water Heater The Bradford White Residential Upright High Efficiency Energy Saver Electric Water Heater is available in four models from 40 to 80 Gallons in size. Bradford White has been involved in the water heater manufacturing business for over 100 years. Many other water heater manufacturers sell to high volume home centers sell water heaters to anyone who wants to buy one. Bradford White only sells their water heaters through plumbing and heating wholesale supply centers that sell only to licensed plumbers.

The Bradford White Residential Upright High Efficiency Energy Saver Electric Water Heater models are the model # M-2-HE40S6DS 40 gallon, model # M-2-HE50S6DS 50 Gallon, model # M-2-HE65R6DS 65 gallon, and the model # M-2-HE80R6DS. All models feature the Hydrojet diptube which is a cold inlet tube that causes swirling action inside the tank that helps flush out sediment, reduces thermal layering, improves the efficiency of the lower element, which reduces energy costs and helps prolong the service life of the hot water heater. Also featured is the Vitraglas tank lining, which helps protect the steel tank of the water heater from corrosion. Vitraglas is a ceramic coating, which is applied as a powdered formula that is sprayed on the steel tank’s inner surface then baked at a temperature of over 1600º F fusing it to the steel, providing a barrier protecting the steel from being corroded by the water.

Other features of the Bradford White Residential Upright High Efficiency Energy Saver Electric Water Heaters are Fast acting surface-mount thermostats for automatic temperature control with a manual reset energy cutoff for safety to prevent overheating, immersed screw-in style copper elements which transfer heat directly to the water, 2″ Non-CFC foam insulation covering the sides and top of the tank, 3⁄4″ NPT factory installed dielectric fittings to extend water heater life and ease of installation, heat traps with a quiet flexible disk design that reduces heat loss in the piping, a magnesium anode rod provides protection against corrosion, a T&P relief valve is included, and a brass drain valve. All models have a minimum energy factor of 0.91, and residential units come set up for 240-volt operation wired for Non-Simultaneous operation, which has only one element being heated at a time.

All models of the Bradford White Residential Upright High Efficiency Energy Saver Electric Water Heater meet or exceed efficiency requirements of the Department of Energy, ASHRAE Standard 90.1 b (current standard) and the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act of 1987 recent amendment effective, January 20, 2004 which supercedes all state and local efficiency requirements. They also are approved by UL & HUD—Design evaluated by UL in accordance with Part 280.707(d) of HUD Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards for Energy Efficiency.

The Bradford White Residential Upright High Efficiency Energy Saver Electric Water Heaters come with a 6-Year Limited Tank Warranty and a 6-Year Limited Warranty on Component Parts which may be upgrade to a 10 Year Warranty for an additional charge.

The Bradford White water Heater is an excellent quality water heater and is preferred by many plumbers. If your electric water heater is in poor condition or, has failed and you need a new one Bradford White is an excellent choice.

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2 comments on “Bradford White High Efficiency Energy Saver Electric Water Heater Review
  1. Don Malman says:

    We have a 65 gallon electric model M265R6DS5 water heater. We do not have the manual. Do you have a manual online as I couldn’t find it. I would like to adjust the water temperature when we go away for extended periods. Our old tank had Vacation Mode but I do not see that on the Bradford White.

    • Redwood says:

      Hi Don,

      The user manual for that unit is quite generic in fact it is used for most of the Bradford White Residential Electric Water Heaters. In fact it is the top one on the list at the Bradford White Website.

      For vacation most people simply turn off the circuit breaker in the homes electrical panel then turn it back on when they return.

      At this time there are some varying schools of thought on the safety of shutting off water heaters when going on vacations. The concerns are centered on the legionella bacteria and it’s prime growth temperatures. This bacteria which can cause Legionnaires Disease is present in many water supplies at low levels and is not a problem until it is allowed to sit stagnant at its prime growth temperature for a period of time. With today’s well insulated water heaters they would sit for a long period of time at the best possible range once they are shut off and slowly cooling down. For this reason many are now recommending not shutting the water heater off when going on vacation. At temperatures below and near 70 degrees and in the 120-degree range and above legionella bacteria either doesn’t grow or, grows slower.

      It is even required now in some locations and discussions going on in other locations to raise the storage temperatures in water heaters to 140-degrees F (60C) then using a tempering valve to mix in cold water to drop the temperature down to a safe temperature where scalding will not be a hazard. The higher temperature will kill any bacteria present.


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