Apple Magic TrackPad Review

The Apple Magic TrackPad brings one of the best-loved features of the MacBook Pro to other computers such as Mac Desktops and Laptops. MacBook Pro users have been raving over the Multi-Touch Technology used in the MacBook Pro’s built in trackpad and now other Mac computers can have it as well.

Apple’s Magic TrackPad has a Multi-Touch TrackPad about 5” X 5” making it the largest Multi-Touch TrackPad available from Apple. Your one to four finger touches, taps, and gestures across the TrackPad are translated into a wide array of clicks and commands for your Mac Computer to follow. With one finger you can tap to click, drag, drag lock, and secondary click in an assigned location. With two fingers you can scroll, rotate, pinch open and closed, screen zoom, and secondary tap. Add in more fingers and you can perform dragging, swipe up/down for expose or, swipe left/right to switch applications. You can even reassign motions that you don’t use to accomplish other tasks.

The System Requirements for using the Apple Magic TrackPad are having a Bluetooth-enabled Mac computer, with Mac OS X Snow Leopard v10.6.4 and the latest software update. The Magic TrackPad requires 2 AA batteries to operate, which Apple includes in the package. The life of the batteries should not be a concern as the TrackPad has an on/off switch and automatically shuts off when it has been inactive for a period of time. The Bluetooth connection allows a secure and reliable connection up to 33’ away with a battery life of months. For those users concerned about the environment you can always purchase an Apple Battery Charger that comes with 6 high-performance AA NiMH rechargeable batteries as well.

The Apple Magic TrackPad is constructed with the same scrolled aluminum look that matches the height and angle of the Apple Wireless Keyboard allowing them to be used side by side effortlessly by the users, while matching the other parts of your system in appearance.

The Apple Magic TrackPad sells for $69 and can be purchased at Apple Retail Stores and local authorized resellers.

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