American Standard Vent Away Toilet Troubleshooting & Repair Guide

Troubleshooting & Repairing an American Standard Vent Away Toilet can be a real headache they utilized special components and a design where odors in the bowl could be pumped into the drainage and venting system of the house. They were first made back in the 60’s and into the 70’s before they were discontinued, fortunately most of these harvest gold toilets and other beautiful colors from the past, have been replaced by now so you don’t often see them.

If you are experiencing problems with a American Standard Vent Away Toilet you will find the parts a bit difficult to get, Most local supply houses will do it as a special order or, you can do it on-line form a few places that carry parts. The biggest problem is the parts for this beauty form the past will cost you just under $400 for a complete rebuild of the Vent Away Toilet.

I would consider it a wise choice to forget about fixing this technology from yesteryear and just replace the toilet. Instead of the complicated oddball toilet full of complicated and expensive parts you can have a modern good working toilet that won’t cost you and arm and a leg to repair.

If you really want to keep a toilet that whisks away odors and has top of the line frills I would consider up grading to the new technology of today. That Avocado Green Vent Away no longer is the lap of luxury it once was.

Consider instead the Toto Neorest line of toilets. The Toto Neorest 500, Neorest 550, and Neorest 600 have many modern features that cannot be compared to any other toilet on the market. Features include things such as exhaust fans blowing through charcoal filters for odor control, built in bidet functions with presets for individual user options with memory. Other options include things like remote control panels, automatic flushing, and heated seats in a sleek modern design that will blow your friends away when they see it!

Check out the Toto Neorest product line that will definitely one up you on the neighbors.

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