American Standard Cadet® 3 FloWise™ Round Front Toilet Review

The American Standard Cadet® 3 FloWise™ Round Front Toilet is one of the lower priced Cadet 3 WaterSense Certified Toilets. Although the manufacturers estimated list price is listed at $236 – $331 there are a variety of models and options including some models that are available only at Lowes and Home Depot where the price is in the $120 – $140 range. Performance was reported to be in the 750 – 1,000 Grams of solids Per Flush in the MaP Report on Toilet Performance depending on model.

We are entering a new era of water conservation with the introduction of WaterSense Certified Toilets. One of the problems that many of the WaterSense toilets will be having is with bowl wash and keeping the bowl clean. The EverClean® finish option inhibits the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew on the surface as it is a super slick finish that easily rinses clean. Bowl wash and keeping the bowl clean is going to be a problem for some manufacturers the pursued higher MaP Report Test scores as many will find that they devote too much of the water flow to the flushing ability and not enough to keep the bowl clean.

One of the perks of buying a WaterSense Certified Toilet is that in order to gain the certification the toilet has to flush with the following amounts of water, 1.28 Gpf/4.8 Lpf for single flush toilets, and 1.28 Gpf/4.8 Lpf combined average for dual flush toilets. They must also meet a minimum performance standard of being able to flush 350 Grams of Solids per Flush. Another Perk is that in many areas of the US and Canada rebates are available for purchasers who are replacing an older toilet that uses more water, check with your state/provincial and local governments as well as your water supplier to find out of there are rebates available where you live and the conditions of the rebate. Many people are discovering that the WaterSense Rebate pays for the cost of the toilet when they get the cheaper model from Lowes or, Home Depot.


Series / Suite: Flowise

Toilet Bowl Shape: Round

Water Spot: 9″ x 8″ water surface area

American Standard Cadet® 3 FloWise™ Round Front Toilet

American Standard Cadet® 3 FloWise™ Round Front Toilet

Chair Height (Inches):15.0

ADA Approved: No

Number of Gallons per Flush (Gallons):1.28

Number of Toilet Pieces: 2

Colors: White 020, Linen 222, Bone 021, Silver 165, Black 178*

Trap Way Size (Inches):2.13

Rim Height (Inches):15.0

Flush Valve Size (Inches):3.0

Rough In Size: 12 In.

Lined Tank: No available with optional tank*

Trip Lever Location: Left Front

Toilet Flushing System: Gravity Fed

High Performance: Yes Certified EPA WaterSense and LEEDS Program Qualified.

MaP Performance Rating, in grams: 750.0 – 1,000*

Nominal Dimensions: 718 x 438 x 733mm (28-1/4″ x 17-1/4″ x 28-7/8″)

* Depending on model selected, specifications and available colors may vary

Generally most purchasers of this toilet are satisfied with their purchase giving it an overall above average rating. Customers graded high on features, ease of use, value, and design with lower grades on quality. Some of the complaints have centered around the common nemesis of low flow toilets poor bowl wash and marking that doesn’t wash away with a single flush. Purchasing a model with the EverClean® finish option would probably be a wise choice. Overall it is probably a good choice for purchase if you are looking for an inexpensive WaterSense Certified Toilet and would be a very good choice for a landlord seeking to upgrade a toilet that clogs frequently.

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